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PolarisUSA Dealer Program

Together we can reach new heights.

Partner with the vendor you trust!

PolarisUSA wants to team up with you! We are prepared to give you some amazing discounts on just about everything we sell.

Waiting for the catch?

There isn't one. Just click the button below to fill out our online application, and within days you will have access to exclusive Dealer pricing on just about everything in our inventory!


Ok, but there must be more to this...

Well maybe a little. It's very simple, though. We want you to sell our products. Period. We realize that different members of our program will have different fiscal goals, and so we've developed a multi-tiered program that allows Dealers at all levels to achieve those goals.

We have 4 Dealer tiers available: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier has a minimum sales requirement. We start you off as a Bronze Dealer with one full-year no-obligation trial*, and each year we review your sales performance and place you in whatever tier is appropriate. It's that simple! There are no annual fees and your program membership will be renewed automatically each year that you meet the minimum volume.

* There is a minimum opening order requirement of $2,000.00 for participation in the Dealer Program.

Ok, but what kind of discounts are we talking about?

We realized the discounts in our previous program were simply not inticing, so we have worked out a new system by which we give variable discounts on a per-product basis for each tier. For some products this could be anywhere from 20-30% off, even up to 70% or more on others! See the chart below for tier requirements and some real examples of discounted items for each tier. We have also broadened the scope of the discounts to allow Dealers and Members to purchase our full system packages at discount (up to 50% on select systems!), to make it even easier for you to sell our products.

The parameters for each tier are explained below.

Tier: Bronze Dealer Silver Dealer Gold Dealer Platinum Dealer
Min. Annual Volume: $10,000 $25,000 $45,000 $60,000
Fees: - - - -
Example Products: PVCVI-5MP4-BTCG-36
Retail: $69.95 $359.95 $899.95 $899.95
Dealer Discount: 40% 18% 44% 43%
Dealer Price: $41.97 $295.16 $559.97 $216.57

* The prices and discounts shown above were accurate at the time of this writing and are subject to change. They are shown for example purpose only. Discounts vary greatly on a per-product basis, and the above examples are not representative of an "average" discount rate.

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