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DVC-155PRO16: PolarisUSA 16-Channel PCI BUS Video Surveillance System
Warranty: No Warranty
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Clearance Level 1 - This is a discontinued product, but the product itself is new and has never been used.  Clearance items are not returnable and carry no warranty.  If the item arrives defective we will either replace it or provide store credit if no replacement is available.


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Product Overview

The DVC-155PRO16 turns your PC into a commercial grade Digital Security System in just a few minutes. The
system brings together several separate components that priced individually could send a small business or home owner to a loan officer. The DVC-155PRO16 Series integrates a color quad processor, multiple zone video motion detector, multiplexer, and a real time digital video recorder (DVR). The Series enables high speed digital transmission and recording of video images and alarms from remote sites (LAN/WAN/MODEM) via phone lines, leased lines, ISDN, Cable Modem, DSL, ADSL, T1, LAN, WAN and internet. By highly compressing the stream of data, the system can transmit/record/display up to 15 frames per second, enabling real time, remote surveillance and control from anywhere around the world.

The DVC-155PRO16 Series PCI Cards are Plug & Play. Installation is fast and easy. Each card your PC into a powerful, easy-to-use video monitoring and recording system. No more false alarms and wasted reactions.
Forget about wondering what employees are doing when you are away. No more worrying about how the nanny treats your children. This system will work with any type of video equipment: Color Cameras, B/W Cameras, Wireless Cameras, and more.

Please note: This product is intended to be installed by someone with a moderate to strong working knowledge of Personal Computers and the Windows® XP Operating System. For Remote Monitoring installs, strong experience with TCP/IP networking is required. As such, PolarisUSA Video, Inc. does not provide installation, configuration, or technical support on this product. Drivers are provided in the Technical Support section of this website and will be updated as releases are made.

Please Note: This product is NOT intended for use in machines running on any AMD processor, including but not limited to the Athlon, AthlonXP, Duron, Thunderbird, and K5/K6 processors, and as such, will not be supported for use in those systems. This product is also NOT intended for use in Dell based machines. While it is possible to install and configure the card in both AMD machines and Dell machines, due to the incompatibilities and sporatic problems displayed by both types of systems, PolarisUSA Video, Inc. will not issue refunds to customers attempting to utilize these PCI cards in AMD/Dell machines.

DVC-155PRO16 DVC-155PRO16

In Stock
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