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TMIP-SC-MM-TDR: PolarisUSA 3.5" TMIP-SC-MM, Cable Scan, Multimeter, TDR Break-Point Short CircuitTesting, Video Level Meter (Repair/Replace Only)
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
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Product Overview

PolarisUSA is proud to introduce out newest item in tools to make all of your installations easier. The TM-SC-MM-TDR Tester has a larger TFT LCD panel, higher resolution, more functions at a better price than our previous model.

Whether you are a full time installer or just installing your own, personal security system, you would be lost without the proper tools. This unit combines several of the required testers into one, easy to use, easy to carry package without breaking your budget. Functions include:

Video Tester

By using the high quality 3.5" LCD display, you can set your camera to the perfect position without the hassle of running back and forth from camera to main monitor.

Video Level Testing

Adjust DC Video level to correct point in the field and correctly compensate for line & transmission loss.

PTZ Controller & Scanner

Check to make sure that your PTZ camera is working properly using multiple protocols including the most popular used in CCTV today such as Pelco D, Pelco P, Samsung, Panasonic, and more. This unit has both RS-485 and RS-232 data ports. PTZ address scanning is also a feature that is a real time saver buy hunting down the PTZ address of cameras in the system without going up a pole or side of building.

UTP Cable Tester

Using the included, metal encased tester piece, you can check to make sure your RJ45 cable is in perfect working condition by using the on screen menu. It gives a wire by wire breakdown and easily shows where faults might be.

Color Bar Generator

Test and adjust all monitors in system to guarantee consistant colors.

Audio Input Testing

Unit includes handy audio testing monitor for systems and cameras with audio.

DC 12 Volt Output

Don't fumble on the top of a ladder looking for a 12 volt power supply to plug into a camera to test our unit has 12VDC output to power up your camera in the field. Quickly tell if the camera is ok and you have a dead power feed.

Lithium Ion Polymer

Extra long working time is realized with monitor and all test functions. Possible to go to multiple job sites and never need to charge unit.


  • 3.5 in HVGA TFT-LCD, 480x320

  • 10x Zoom image display and video out

  • Snapshot and video record

  • Micro SD storage card

  • PTZ Control

  • Multi function color-bar generator

  • Network device and IP camera's Ping testing

  • Cable Scan (BNC, UTP, telephone cable etc)

  • PoE power supply testing

  • Ethernet Port Flicker testing and Link monitor

  • TDR cale breakpoint and Short-circuit testing

  • Visable laser sources and Fiber locator testing

  • Optical power testing

  • Digital Multi-meter


In Stock
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