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PVCVR-1080P4 PVCVR-1080P4
PVCVR-1080P4: PolarisUSA 4-CH HD CVR Hybrid Recorder All Channels 1080P CVI and 2-CH IP , 1080P (12fps), 720P (25fps), H.264, CMS/DMSSBNC Input, 2-SATA, 12VDC, Support Up To 2MP
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
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Product Overview

Polaris USA is proud to present our new HDCVI Tribrid recorder, the PVCVR-1080P4. HDCVI has all the perks of IP, but without the hassle. Picture, audio, and power are all fed through just one cable per camera, making set up a breeze. This Tribrid offers 1080P CVI & AHD on all inputs, plus the option of turning your last 2 channels into IP Inputs!

The PVCVR-1080P4 has a beautiful 1080P display resolution, real time feed, motion detection, RS485 port for PTZ is an acronym for Pan, Tilt & Zoom.">PTZ control, Smart PSS viewing software, records in 1080P, and supports up to 8TB of storage! This 4 Channel CVR is the perfect place to start building you new HDCVI system. 

This unit supports IP cameras up to 2 Megapixels of Resolution

This unit offers:

  • 4 Channels CVI
  • 2 Channels IP
  • 4 Channels Total


  • 4 cameras with 1080p realtime preview

  • H.264 is the most recent addition to the MPEG4 family of audio/video formats. It supercedes MPEG4 part 2 which is commonly used in DVRs, and offers significantly greater compression than JPEG2000 and MPEG4 part 2 with only slight degradation of quality.">H.264 compression

  • All channel 1080P

  • HDMI / VGA / TV simultaneous video output

  • 4 channel synchronous playback, GRID interface and smart search

  • 3D intelligent positioning with PTZ is an acronym for Pan, Tilt & Zoom.">PTZ dome camera

  • Support 2 SATA HDD up to 8TB, 2 USB2.0

  • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, Central Management Software (CMS) is software designed to manage multiple unique IP video servers (whether a camera or DVR) from a single interface. For example, CMS would allow you view/control two separate network DVRs housed in two different locations within the same software interface.">CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS


Accept no substitutes! PolarisUSA only uses Audio/Video (A/V) hard drives for maximum reliability and longevity. A/V drives are designed and optimized for use in DVR/CVR/NVRs where data is constantly being written, rather than read. Standard PC hard disks just don't cut it!


PVCVR-1080P4 PVCVR-1080P4

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