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General Support Downloads

Filename Description Size Date
CDM 2.08.24 WHQL CDM 2 08 24 WHQL Certified 1.3MB 01/05/2022
Comparison Chart_Street.jpg Comparison Chart Street 2.6MB 07/15/2019
Dahua Player and converter to Dahua Player And Converter To AVI 2.6MB 12/22/2016 DAV2AVI 795.4KB 12/22/2016
General_ConfigTool_Eng_V1.07.2.R.130304 (1).rar General ConfigTool Eng V1 07 2 R 130304 (1) 3.4MB 12/22/2016 General Smart-PSS 135.1MB 02/25/2022 General Smart-PSS Eng Mac 92.5MB 02/25/2022
General_SMARTPSSV2.002.0000007.0.T.190122.exe General SMARTPSSV2 002 0000007 0 T 190122 128.5MB 10/17/2019
HeroSpeed NVR setup HeroSpeed NVR Setup Disk 118.5MB 04/28/2020 HeroSpeeddisk 90.9MB 09/15/2021
IP Camera IP Address setup guide.docx IP Camera IP Address Setup Guide 613.7KB 06/30/2015
netscan.exe Netscan 1.6MB 01/06/2017
odm-v2.2.250.msi ONVIF Device Manager Tool ver2.2.250 Open source tool 20.9MB 01/14/2015
P2P Operation Manual V1.0.0 201406.pdf P2P Operation Manual V1 0 0 201406 628.8KB 09/08/2017
Quick DDNS Quick Start Guide.pdf Quick DDNS Quick Start Guide 755.9KB 09/08/2017
Radio Programming Cable Driver-WINXP-7-8-10.rar Radio Programming Cable Driver-WINXP-7-8-10 2.6MB 04/26/2017
rarosx-5.2.0.tar.gz Rarosx-5 2 0 Tar for Mac OS X File Decompressor 487.9KB 12/16/2014
RemotePCAttended.exe RemotePCAttended 430.7KB 09/28/2021
RemotePCHost.dmg RemotePCHost 26.6MB 02/25/2022
Searcher.exe Searcher 4.6MB 02/28/2017 SearchTool 12.1MB 10/28/2021
VMS Management.exe VMS Management Legacy (WITH MANUAL V7.1.20.5)) 23.4MB 10/06/2017
VMSLite VMSLite Setup7 2 46 5 NEW 22.9MB 03/26/2018

USB Radio Programming Drivers

Filename Description Size Date
CDM21228_Setup.exe CDM21228 Setup 2.3MB 06/15/2021
PL23XX_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v401(1).zip PL23XX Prolific/FTDI Win Driver Installer ( Win7 / Win8.1 / Win10 / Win11 9.2MB 03/02/2022

IP Tools

Filename Description Size Date
EZTools_1103-B0010(IN).zip EZTools For UNIVIEW Devices 30.0MB 12/05/2017
IP Cam NVR.exe IP Cam NVR 29.7MB 02/28/2017
IPCSearcher5.1.28.5.exe IPCSearcher with cross subnet support (legacy support) 3.3MB 02/28/2017
IPCWebPlugin7.1.2.4.exe IPC activex WebPlugin 1.7MB 09/28/2017
Locator.exe EnGenius Locator 1.4MB 12/05/2017
NVRp.exe NVR tool 1008.4KB 02/27/2018 PIP-2MP-PTZ10X 20.1MB 12/28/2017
SearchTool SearchTool 7 2 45 6 8.8MB 01/20/2021
Search_7.1.8.2.exe IPCSearcher with cross subnet support with device filters 5.1MB 09/28/2017 Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool 141.0KB 12/12/2017
VMS Lite Quick Start.rtf VMS Lite Quick Start 7.1MB 05/16/2018
VMSLite Setup8.2.11.1.exe VMSLite Setup8 2 11 1 22.6MB 05/16/2018

Recorder Firmware

Filename Description Size Date NVR:PVNVR-1080P24 HI3535 UpdateV6 1 47 1 42.7MB 11/17/2017 HI3536 UpdateV7 1 42 3 DO NOT USE UNLESS TOLD BY A TECHNICIAN 40.1MB 04/06/2018 PVDVR-7816HB DO NOT USE UNLESS TOLD BY A TECHNICIAN 23.2MB 10/12/2017 PVHCVR-5108-HE DO NOT USE UNLESS TOLD BY A TECHNICIAN 13.9MB 11/20/2017
PVNVR64-4096K_updateV7.1.22.6.bin PVNVR64-4096K UpdateV7.1.22.6 DO NOT USE UNLESS TOLD BY A TECHNICIAN. 24.8MB 02/15/2018

Training and Demo videos

Filename Description Size Date
20170109_143413_1[1].mp4 TMHD-8600-IPC Demo video #1 126.4MB 01/09/2017
20170109_144952_1[1].mp4 TMHD-8600-IPC Demo video #2 348.6MB 01/09/2017
2021-03-16-18-04-10.mp4 2021-03-16-18-04-10 89.6MB 03/16/2021
2MP Mini Metal Cased IP camera with Audio & SD card interface and removable adjustable MP Lens.mp4 2MP Mini Metal Cased IP Camera With Audio & SD Card Interface And Removable Adjustable MP Lens 49.6MB 03/03/2017
ICOR1.mp4 ICOR1 89.6MB 03/16/2021
ICOR2.mp4 ICOR2 56.7MB 03/16/2021

Camera Firmware

Filename Description Size Date 3516D 21.8MB 12/07/2017 S2l33M 58.7MB 12/05/2017

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