Pentabrid Digital Video Recorders

Pentabrid recorders are what Digital Video Recorders were and a whole lot more. You will still connect your cameras in the same way you always have . The recorder will interface with your router and you will still be able to see your system from anywhere there is available internet service. However, now you can now connect your recorder to High Definition Cameras for greatly improved video surveillance. Your new Pentabrid will make it easy for you to interface with five(5) different technologies:

  • Analog (700TVL and higher)
  • AHD: Analog High Definition
  • HD-CVI: High Definition-Compressed Video Interface
  • HD-TVI: High Definition-Transport Video Interface
  • HD-IP: High Definition-Internet Protocol (or Network Cameras) 

You do not need to purchase 2 different recorders (DVR & NVR) to connect to analog and IP cameras. This task can all be performed through one device. You say you don't want to purchase a new recorder for Analog cameras you recently purchase that are 1200TVL?  Don't worry - You don't have to! Your new Pentabrid will be able to communicate with most Analog cameras that are 700TVL and higher.